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Our History

Forno Fenoglio, a family artisanal bakery, specialized in oven-baked products, located in Bagnolo Piemonte, at the first slopes of Monviso Valleys has been created with the strong belief that tiny is beautiful as much as quality and nature are essential to do a good job.

For Maurizio, who learned the art of bakery by an old baker in Val Pellice, and Alessia, his sister, coming back to traditions is a sign of modernity. 

The production chain

The attention to raw materials and the quality of the products is something to realize in concrete. The raw material supply chain begins with an organic flour directly cultivated in isolated plots of land, without chemical treatments, using rotations and natural fertilising. Gentilrosso and Pignoletto are the old varieties of stone ground wheat and corn that you can found in Forno Fenoglio. They have also been certified by the Italian Excellencies.

Our Products

Processing high quality ingredients is the first step toward an excellent product, the second is mastery, then, the flavor given by wood-oven baking makes everything unique and inimitable. In this brick ceiling room, where the embers of the local wood give the right heat, they bake the bread, with natural yeast, and the “Biscotto Tipo 1” and “Moneje“, the baptism biscuit in the valleys of Monviso.

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    Ancient biscuits from from the Cuneo valleys tradition with corn and wheat flour Package: 350gr. - 1kg. Producer:  Forno Fenoglio - Bagnolo Piemonte (Cn)

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