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By roasting the center of Vercelli open in the fifties to the present modern factory, that of Mokaor is the story of a great love for coffee. Mixture "biscuit" conceived by the founder Cavalier Cassi to the many kinds of coffee cured personally by his son Dott. Gianni Alessio, now at the helm, the passion for coffee has been handed down from generation to generation, for sixty years. Today Mokaor produces - with the same care and attention than once - a wide variety of superb espresso blends, for the local market and international, to be enjoyed at the bar or at home. A wide range of products, all small jewels of taste.

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Our company can today count on the strength of 25 people, including employees and agents.

Fifties: roating in the center of Vercelli

Many of the major manufacturers of coffee in Italy were, at the beginning, only small roasters with adjoining grocery store. Thus, even the history of coffee Mokaor rooted in a store site in the main street of Vercelli, Corso Libertà. Here, in 1954, the Cavalier Giuseppe Cassi opened its roasting, where coffee was roasted and sold to the public, on the ground floor of an ancient building of the fifteenth century. The restaurant is still open to the public, although production was soon moved to larger spaces, following the success of the company.

Sixties: the Cavalier's blend

In the late '50s, the Cavalier Cassi alongside the activity of roasting the sale of coffee machines for bars, becoming inspector known manufacturer Faema. However, as a great connoisseur of coffee he was, he could not find a mix of machines for bars that satisfied him fully. He began to experiment with different blends and roasting processes in the family, and soon identified the root of the problem: the coffee was too toasted and this, due to the high temperatures of the machines from bars than the moka home, he detracted from the flavor.He tried then to toast the grains less, "biscuit" and keeping them clear from mixtures of other producers. Then identified the best match between the different qualities of coffee, and got his mix, balanced and pleasing to the palate, perfect for the bar. Coffee Mokaor met immediate success in the area, so that in many went specially to Vercelli in the surrounding towns to buy it. Experimentation and persistence, combined with a great love for coffee, were the ingredients that meant the birth of the new blend and, consequently, the company's success. The efforts of the Cavalier Cassi were rewarded and, thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, already in the mid-sixties the Mokaor moved to a new location, where to expand and start roasting wholesale coffee.

Since the eighties to today: a modern roasting company with artisan spirit

The success of Mokaor continued in the following decades and in the mid-eighties it was necessary to expand again its production plants. It was therefore built the new headquarters in Milan in Corso Vercelli, which currently still houses the company, with a roasting facility technologically advanced. In the early nineties, Dr. Gianni Alessio, son of Cavalier Cassi, took over from the founder in the direction of the company where he started working since the 70s. As much bigger and active in Italy and abroad, the Mokaor continues to remain a family business firmly rooted in its home territory, the Vercellese. Even today, every morning, Dr. Alessio personally tasted all blends Mokaor, to ensure we maintain the highest standards of quality and an optimal coffee taste.

2012: a gold medal coffee

"intenso", one of the finest blends Mokaor, was awarded the gold medal at the International Coffee Tasting 2012.26 judges from 11 countries evaluated 113 different coffee from 13 countries: a test that saw the truly international recognition of the mixture created a few years before the trial Mokaor. Professor Odello, president of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and professor of sensory analysis in various Italian and foreign universities, recognized the winners coffee "an extraordinary aromatic fullness" which is accompanied by "a body which, although thick, highlights and roundness silkiness ".

2016: another award, this time international.

In 2016 we want to raise the bar, we present two blends and a waffle: Intense, Super Bar and a coffee break in Brussels. 120 judges, experts in taste between Chef and Sommelier from around the world. A further success, all 3 references presented collect the favor of the jury, winning 2 and 3 gold stars at the International Taste and Quality Institute.

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